11 thru 12 will screen Wed, September 18, 2013 here:

You are invited to 


#5 in a series of performances taking place in Fort Greene this Summer and Fall

and "MODELS"

an exhibition of works by 5 artists, opening the same evening:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013, 7:30 PM...
65 Saint Felix Street, Brooklyn NY 11217
MTA: 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, R, Q to Atlantic Avenue / Barclays Center; C to Lafayette Avenue; G to Fulton Street
$5 (suggested for performance)

Organized by Lucia della Paolera and Sam Ashford.

MODELSLIST:    Jonah Susskind    Elena Cruz    Dorian Mckaie    Jared Madere  
Jared Madere: donuts
Dorian Mckaie: made my little elves! 
Jonah Susskind: REFULGENCE
Elena Cruz: To paint the portrait of a bird

"MODELS":    Joe Babas    Andrea Callard    Jonah Susskind    Dorian Mckaie    Jared Madere

Joe Babas (1945 - 2007) was an artist and inventor whose body of work was auctioned off for charity at 65 Saint Felix Street the year after his suicide. Babas' body was part prototype (memorabilia design for corporate entities, architectural proposals) and part variation (art). Like all bodies, Babas' was held together by the communication between its parts, like a mammal. 

For "MODELS" Babas is joined by Dorian Mckaie, Jared Madere, Andrea Callard, and Jonah Susskind, with works that engage, combine, and disrupt the material reality and abstract potential of the model. References, processes, and postures are at once obvious and obscure, as each work simultaneously presents and provokes the modes of production, distribution, and identification it models. 

MORE TO COME: Friday, October 4