Back for the Future: Film Restoration in the 21st Century

November 18Jeff Lambert, National Film Preservation Foundation
Films: Preserving the Avant-Garde: The NFPF's Avant-Garde Treasures DVD Set
Working independently, avant-garde and experimental filmmakers have pushed the limits and broken the rules of traditional filmmaking to create their own personal works. Films selected for the NFPF’s most recent collection in its DVD series “Avant-Garde Treasures,” by Carolee Schneemann, Bruce Conner and Andrea Callard, will be presented on film along with a discussion of the particular challenges of preserving these unique, cutting-edge works.

The Academy Film Archive is hosting a UCLA class, MIAS 210: Ethics of Film Restoration, on Monday nights at 7:30 beginning September 30 at the Linwood Dunn Theater. The screenings and discussion are free and open to the public.