9 April - Some Food May Be Found in the Desert, 1976 The 10th Orphans Film Symposium, at the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation in Culpepper, VA.
Curated by Dan Strieble.

September 18 through November. Something Medical, 2015, minutely short in "Kinetoscopic Records," contemporary short films and videos inspired by the earliest cinema, curated by Dan Strieble. Peephole Cinema is a project of Laurie O'Brien and it was presented outdoors at Union Docs in Brooklyn. Laurie has created Peephole Cinemas for Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as in Brooklyn. 

August 28 and September 25, two programs at La Petit Versailles on East Houston Street in New York. "A Medley of Art Compositions" and "XFR Collective Selects: A Night of Activism-Themed Videos" presents newly digitized video from the period between 1980 and 2000 that documents police brutality, housing injustice, HIV/AIDS activism, the Tompkins Square Park rebellion, and more.

March 1
Notes on Ailanthus screening at New Terrain, 8th Annual Landscape, Space, and Place Graduate Student Conference at Indiana University.


11 October
Archives Week XFRSTN Screenings and Panel organized by Kirstin Mac Dohough and Rebecca Fraimow with Coleen Fitzgibbon and Tara Hart and hosted by the New Museum: Fragments (of a self-portrait) and Drawers, videos from 1974-5.

9 October
11 thru 12, Flora Funera (for Battery Park City), 
Women in Preservation, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Moving Image Archiving Program(MIAP,) Michelson Theater, Tisch School, NYU also with remarks by Juana Suarez and Susan Lazarus, Migration by Marcela Gómez, and Rebecca Fraimow, Kristin MacDonough, and Brittan Dunham responding.

17 September
11 thru 12, at MODELSLIST, an exhibition curated by Lucia della Paolera and Sam Ashford, part of a series of performances at 65 Saint Felix Street, Brooklyn

5 September
COLAB TV, a presentation of archived cable television shows presented by Coleen Fitzgibbon & Andrea Callard  at the New Museum in New York as part of the XFR STN (Transfer Station,) a public archiving exhibition. Longer cuts of these pieces screened continuously in the gallery July 18-September 8, 2013.

23 August
Sample Map #1, a new experimental video,  screened for a gracious outdoor audience during OTHERLIST, a summer performance series curated by Lucia della Paolera and Sam Ashford on St. Felix in Brooklyn, NY.

12 May -  Talking Landscape at DOXA, 2:45 PM at The Cinematheque at  in Vancouver, B.C.,
curated by Livia Bloom.

During Ambulante Gira de Documentales, 11 thru 12 tours Mexico with documentaries and avant guarde films. "Cine en primera persona" Program 5, curated by Mara Fortes and Garbiñe Ortega.

8-21 February to May in Distrito Federal: Casa del Lago, CCD Estela de Luz (Sala Nellie Campobello,) Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, and Cine Tonalá
22-28 February in Guerrero
1-7 March in Puebla
8-14 March in Veracruz
15-17 March in Vive Latino
15-21 March in Baja California
29 March to 4 April in Nuevo Leon
5-11 April in Coahuila, Ágorasin Saltillo
12-18 in Jalisco, Centro Universitario de Medios Audiovisuales in Guadalajara
19-25 April in Michoacan, Escuela Popular de Bellas Artes in Morelia
26 April to 2 May in Chiapas, Kinoki in San Cristóbal de las Casas
3-9 May in Oaxaca

13-19 February - Talking Landscape at the Maysles Cinema, clusters of short media pieces around ideas of landscape, curated by Livia Bloom 

30 August, 2011-23, February, 2012 -11 thru 12 at the Walker Art Center, Disarming Domesticity,
Curated by Dean Otto

6 September - Vera, Groningen, The Netherlands ( - Programme 1, 11 thru 12 and Flora Funera
10 September - Worm, Rotterdam, The Netherlands ( - Programme 1 & 2, 11 thru 12 and Flora Funera)
11 September - BUTFF, Breda, The Netherlands ( - Programme 1 (with Flora Funera)
18 September - Nova Cinema, Brussels, Belgium ( - Programme 1 & 2 (with 11 thru 12 and Flora Funera)
9 September - Amsterdam, The Netherlands (
20 February - Glasgow Film Festival, Scotland
Curated by George Clark

22 September - Commuting from Point to Point, Pop Montreal
Curated by Kier-La Jannise

3 April - Wisconsin Film Festival
11 thru 12, Orphan Films: Time Travel and Dreams of a Better Life
Curated by Dan Strieble

8 January - Union Docs, NY NY, 11 thru 12
Curated by Coleen Fitzgibbon

29-20 April, 2010 56th Oberhausen Short Film Festival
11 thru 12
8 June, 2010 - Austiran Film Museum,
Curated by Christian Höller

4-5 June, 2010 - Hebbel Am Ufer, Berlin, 11 thru 12
Curated by Laura Hörold

12 June, 2010 - 11 thru 12, Pleasure Dome, Toronto
Curated by Sarah Robayo Sheridan

7-11 April - 11 thru 12, The 7th Orphans Film Symposium, NY, NY
14 May - Orphans West, UCLA,
23 October -  Fluorescent/Azalea at the Museum of Modern Art , The Orphan Film Project X 7
7 November - 11 thru 12, DOC NYC at IFC, NY NY
Curated by Dan Strieble