XFR Collective Screening at Ulterior Gallery


LESXFR vol. 1 
Jim C., Andrea Callard, Educational Video Center, Franck Goldberg, Dov Jacobson, Joan Jubela, Mindy Stevenson, and Minoru Yoshida

Video still from Fragments of a Self Portrait #1, 1972, by Andrea Callard

August 4–6, 11–13, 2017 
Screening reception with XFR Collective: Friday August 4, 7 pm 
172 Attorney St. New York, NY 10002 

Ulterior Gallery will present LESXFR vol. 1, a screening of eight videos presented in collaboration with XFR Collective (pronounced “transfer collective”). The videos have been transferred to digital format from archival footage and capture moments of culture, art, and politics on the Lower East Side and nearby areas over the course of three decades.

For this video screening, XFR Collective and Ulterior Gallery co-curated footage that evokes the cultures of the Lower East Side and downtown New York from the 1970s through the 1990s. On August 5–6 and 11– 13, the program begins at the top of every hour from noon to 6 pm. 

XFR Collective grew out of the XFR STN exhibition at the New Museum in 2013. Organized by Alan W. Moore, co-founder of the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club and a member of the artists’ group Colab, the two-month-long exhibition operated as an open-door, artist-centered media archiving project. After the exhibition closed, Colab member Andrea Callard and moving-image archivists Rebecca Fraimow, Julia Kim, and Kristin MacDonald formed the XFR Collective as a small non-profit organization in 2014. The organization has since recruited a wider membership and today continues its mission to digitize video materials in order to preserve images recorded on obsolete formats that would otherwise be lost.