Something Medical for the Peephole Cinema

Kinetoscopic Records
contemporary short films and videos inspired by the earliest cinema,
a program by Dan Streible
Opening Reception: Friday, September 18th from 5-7:30 
Hosted by UnionDocs 
Center for Documentary Art, 322 Union Ave. in Williamsburg

Peephole Cinema exhibitions showcase contemporary media artists while also evoking the proto- and early cinema experiences of the peep show. This UnionDocs program, Kinetoscopic Records, invites a collision of the old and new, the earliest movies and born-digital works. The ten pieces replicate qualities of the earliest film shows, an incongruous variety of kinetic, flickery, silent pictures in motion, each less than a minute long. 
This program’s inspiration is the recent rebirth of one of the first motion pictures ever made, Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze, January 7, 1894 (aka Fred Ott’s Sneeze). Although its copyrighted images appeared in print in 1894, the Sneeze was not seen in motion until reanimated on 16mm film in 1953. However, only now has the entire recording been reproduced. The new Library of Congress version reveals The Sneeze to be nearly twice as long as presumed, with Mr. Ott sneezing twice in one unedited take. This is its premier public run.  
The ten movies in five minutes are:
W. K.-L. Dickson, Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze
Evan Meaney, Re_Sneeze  
Jodie Mack, All Stars
Joel Schlemowitz, The Invention of the Gramophone
Danielle Ash, Creature of the Gowanus 
Tom Whiteside & Anna Kipervaser, Ott Gotcha   
Andrea Callard, Something Medical  
Bill Brand, Ornithology 4   
Mono No Aware, Sneezes
Bill Morrison, Dancing Decay  
Peephole Cinema Brooklyn is located on the fa├žade of UnionDocs, Center for Documentary Art in Williamsburg.  Films will change about every two months. 
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