Film-Makers' Coop Presents COLAB TV Excerpts at Soho House

Friday, November 15, 9:30PM
Soho House
29-35 Ninth Avenue between 13th & 14th Streets, NYC

MM Serra, Executive Director of the Film-Makers' Cooperative,  will introduce the program of COLAB TV Excerpts selected by Andrea Callard and Coleen Fitzgibbon.
Reservations must be made in advance by corresponding with or by calling 212 267-5665. The event is free.

Members of Collaborative Projects, Inc. (COLAB) collaboratively made live and prerecorded television for public access cable TV between 1978 and 1985. The works were broadcast as from Jim Chladek’s ETC Studios on 23rd Street which later became Manhattan Neighborhood Network. The shows were All Color News, Potato Wolf, and Red Curtain. Many of the taped shows were later gathered for distribution by Alan W. Moore, Sophie Vieille, and Michael Carter to distribute through COLAB's  Monday/Wednesday/Friday Video Club during 1986-2000. Andrea Callard and Coleen Fitzgibbon began to preserve these materials in 2006 in collaboration with Moore.

On the occassion of XFRSTN(Transfer Station) at the New Museum during the summer of 2013, Callard and Fitzgibbon first presented a selection of excerpts from COLAB TV. A DVD of longer segments of this material is available at

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